Endometriosis story

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A great experienced doctor was best treatment

by Lindsey

I've been going to this doctor now for about 6 years. I am now 20 years old and have had endometriosis since I was 15.

I have had surgery every year since 2008 to get rid of the lesions. The surgery works great after no pain, the downfall is the endometriosis lesions come back a few months after surgery and I deal with the pain until I can't stand it any more (take pain killers).

In June 2012 my doctor told me that they are trying the mirena iud for women with endometriosis because it can help the bleeding and maybe pain. I've had this for 3 months now and I still have bleeding that lasts longer than a normal period, and is painful.

I was told that the mirena iud can take up to six months for you to see good results from it because the body has to get used to it. Hopefully this will help the heavy periods!

Other than the bleeding the mirena has been good and you do not have to worry about taking a pill each day, the only bad side effect other than the bleeding is a little acne, but if it will eventually stop the painful periods, I'll take it!


Name: Anonymous

Title: How is everything now?

I am going through something similar and have so far had 1 surgery in the past 2 years. I have been on a POP pill and Provera (progesterone only pill) for 3 years to slow the growth down of the endometriosis.

I have stopped the Provera because the bloating made me look like I was pregnant no matter what I ate, dryness which causes lots of pain during sex, mood swings and extremely low sex drive are too much for me to handle.

My next option is a Mirena but I have read good and bad things. All of the bad things are everything I listed above + more. Can you tell me did the bleeding stop, how bad is the bloating, did you get mood swings? Did you lose your sex drive and get dryness below?

Thanks so much your reply would be very much appreciated =)

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