Problems helping the endometriosis community

Problems helping the endo community

This discussion is in two parts - Part one is about finding online information and part two is about online courses and counselling aimed to help those in the endo community.

Part one…. the internet

Why should there be a problem?  In principle there is nothing wrong with trying to helping others who are in need, and those in the endo community can feel isolated, depressed, worried and concerned for their health – with good reason. 

It can be very rewarding to help others when they are at their lowest and need reassurance, support and encouragement, especially when they give you feedback to say how much your support and advice has helped.

The internet is now the first port of call to look for advice and information.  Online support groups, message boards and social media are a great resource to find others who are going through the same issues.

The problem has now arisen that you are unable to find unbiased and balanced viewpoints of information. You may not always be able to find all the advice or support that is available on the internet.  Why is that, you may be asking.

It now appears that if you use Google for your internet search then you will only get ‘half the story’. Google is now blocking many natural health websites in favour of the big mainstream websites.  Have you noticed that no matter what search term you put into Google the same handful of websites come up first over and over again?  This does not give you the freedom to choose what you wish to read.

Many of the Big Guns of the natural health websites have been hit and hard. Sites like GreenMedInfo, Dr Axe, Dr Mercola, Mindbodygreen, Selfhacked and many, many others have taken a hit – and yes, including endo-resolved.  They hardly come up on search results now – they have been batted out of the park, into the next county and basically off the map.  Want to read more about this, read the article HERE 

That article is just the tip of the iceberg.  And NOW… what is more worrying, Google is now investing in the pharmaceutical industry.  Say what.  Why would an information technology company be investing in pharmaceuticals – because there are big bucks to be made, no other reason.  So maybe we can see a connection as to why Google is blocking natural health websites.

Read about Google and its pharmaceutical link here


If you are opposed to this kind on censorship of your reading choices the best thing is to change who you use for your internet search.  One search engine I love is These guys plant trees by using their advertising revenue to help the environment.  So far, they have planted over 64 million trees – how cool is that.  Bing is another good choice, and if you want total privacy you could use the Tor browser.

So, if you want to get advice about natural remedies or natural therapies to help with endometriosis, you need to change your search engine choice. 


Part two…

Problems helping the endo community – integrity of support and advice being offered

Endometriosis - paying for advice

I have been meaning to write about this for some time, but have kept quiet. I feel the need to write about this issue. You may not agree with my viewpoint, but sometimes things are not always clear cut, and I don’t like to see people being potentially ripped-off.

You may or may not have noticed the sudden growth by some in the endo community offering courses or offers to ‘work with me’.   This is a worrying trend and seems to be on the increase.  Of course, there will always be those who prey on the weak and vulnerable, and on the other hand there will be those who have integrity and a genuine wish to help and provide advice.

But when looking closer at some of these online Endometriosis Natural Healing or Managing your Endo courses they contain no more information than you would find on the internet.  Some of the content is very thin and is plumped up by waffle – I am sorry but it’s true. Also, some of these advisers are calling themselves experts. Say what! And what training have they got to say they are experts?

Some of these online endo healing/natural treatment courses cost a lot of money.  And why don’t they make this information available online for all to share……er…….think………yes that’s it, money.  Look at these examples of what I would consider to be exploitation. 

Some examples of online endometriosis coaching, courses and advice.

$780 – coaching and 7 follow up sessions (jaw drops at cost)

$150 a month for coaching (Oh yes, I’ve got money to burn)

$22 month for private membership endo community (what’s wrong with FB or other endo communities?)

$99 course - how to introduce the endo diet (I will be adding a page about that soon - free)

$200 course – Content - understand your endo, diet, exercise and reduce toxins (well all that is free at endo-resolved)

$1997 (special offer!) – diet, exercise, detoxing and private support group - 12-month program with lots of video’s – so this is generic and not giving advice on a one to one basis (I am too flabbergasted to comment)

With some courses the price is not mentioned – just a lot of blurb, and promotional speak to reel you in. Some of those providing these courses say they are qualified nutritional therapists.  Well so am I, but I do not feel qualified to start offering in-depth advice about treating endometriosis naturally and take money for it.

Women in the endo community are already hard hit economically because of endometriosis. Many are unable to hold down a job because of the pain and fatigue, and some have to pay large medical bills to pay for their treatment. Paying yet more for advice and information adds insult to injury.

These people are selling information (which you can find elsewhere) and selling hope.  Well of course you need hope but you can get that from the right endometriosis communities, and as mentioned above, if you address the issue with search engines, you can find a lot of good advice and support online.  You should not have to pay for this information.  Granted, there is a diet/recipe book sold here at endo-resolved, but it contains over 250 recipes including nutritional advice, and it’s a tangible item you can use.

I would never, ever offer any online counselling or training courses.  As well as seeing a good endo specialist, you need one to one personal contact with a good counsellor, and ideally work with someone with natural therapy qualifications like a naturopath. I also question the qualifications of these endo advisers – or lack of qualifications. 

This is selling false hopes, and making money out of the vulnerable.  Maybe they think they have good intentions in trying to help, but I am unsure about their integrity by blatantly making so much money from something they could offer for free on their website.  All this worries me.

I shall not even bore you with the story of having the ENTIRE CONTENT of the website here at endo-resolved being stolen and launched under another  domain name, or the fact that much of the content was copied, put into a kindle book and then sold as their own work – this is what I mean about lack of integrity…….. hangs head in desperation.

If you are happy to pay for this type of advice and support, that is fine and it may be what you need in your particular circumstances, but personally it leaves me feeling uncomfortable.

Stay strong warriors and use common sense before you part with your money.


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