Problems helping the endometriosis community

Problems helping the endo community

Why should there be a problem?  In principle there is nothing wrong with trying to helping others who are in need, and those in the endo community can feel isolated, depressed, worried and concerned for their health – with good reason.

It can be very rewarding to help others when they are at their lowest and need reassurance, support and encouragement, especially when they give you feedback to say how much your support and advice has helped.

The internet is now the first port of call to look for advice and information.  Online support groups, message boards and social media are a great resource to find others who are going through the same issues.

The problem has now arisen that you are unable to find unbiased and balanced viewpoints of information. You may not always be able to find all the advice or support that is available on the internet.  Why is that, you may be asking.

It now appears that if you use Google for your internet search then you will only get ‘half the story’. Google is now blocking many natural health websites in favour of the big mainstream websites.  Have you noticed that no matter what search term you put into Google the same handful of websites come up first over and over again?  This does not give you the freedom to choose what you wish to read.

Many of the Big Guns of the natural health websites have been hit and hard. Sites like GreenMedInfo, Dr Axe, Dr Mercola, Mindbodygreen, Selfhacked and many, many others have taken a hit – and yes, including endo-resolved.  They hardly come up on search results now – they have been batted out of the park, into the next county and basically off the map.  Want to read more about this, read the article HERE 

That article is just the tip of the iceberg.  And NOW… what is more worrying, Google is now investing in the pharmaceutical industry.  Say what.  Why would an information technology company be investing in pharmaceuticals – because there are big bucks to be made, no other reason.  So maybe we can see a connection as to why Google is blocking natural health websites.

Read about Google and its pharmaceutical link here


If you are opposed to this kind on censorship of your reading choices the best thing is to change who you use for your internet search.  One search engine I love is These guys plant trees by using their advertising revenue to help the environment.  So far, they have planted over 64 million trees – how cool is that.  Bing is another good choice, and if you want total privacy you could use the Tor browser.

So, if you want to get advice about natural remedies or natural therapies to help with endometriosis, you need to change your search engine choice. 


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