Endometriosis Coaching Program  

Healing from the Inside Out

NOTE: The course is currently CLOSED until later in 2021

This is to enable me to focus on my studies as currently undertaking higher training in Naturopathy PLUS working on the completion of my new endometriosis book - estimated date to reopen is Spring 2021

Start to take control of your health with the support of this holistic endometriosis coaching program

I fully understand the impact this disease has had on your life ...

I was diagnosed with  severe endometriosis  with laparoscopy surgery, where it was found I had cysts and adhesions all over my abdominal cavity. I was offered toxic hormone drugs as treatment, with the aim of calming the disease and further surgery being required further down the road.

I knew this was the wrong route to take to recover my health

So I undertook months of research, learning about the disease and the options available. After learning that my only options were drugs and surgery I decided to follow my own course of action and started using natural remedies to help heal my body.

This I successfully achieved and became totally symptom free

In the words of my doctor 'All my active endometriosis had dried up'. I totally recovered my health and the endometriosis never returned.

The success of my own recovery prompted me to support and help other women who are going through this ordeal, and to this end I undertook training in natural therapies, as well as launching this comprehensive advice and support website

As an Integrative Health Coach I am now offering this self-paced online coaching program for women with endometriosis 


When women with endometriosis are looking for support and guidance to help them with their health:

  • They need support to know they are going in the right direction
  • They need guidance to know they are doing things right
  •  And sometimes they need a guiding hand, an ear to listen, and someone to understand them

About this program .....

What is this program about -  its about getting to the root cause of your disease, providing manageable techniques, remedies and strategies to resolving your symptom, supporting your immune system, with the aim of recovering your health - which is totally possible.

You can learn a lot from books and the internet  - but sometimes you need a guiding hand and support along the way. You need guidance from someone who has walked the path and someone who can instil confidence and encouragement.

Going much deeper than just diet - many online endometriosis courses simply focus on diet and nutrition, and important as diet is, recovering your health from something as complex as endometriosis requires a detailed investigation into your health

To support the advice and guidance I am offering - I am an Integrative Health Coach having studied Nutrition, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy and counseling

You can learn more about me and my training  HERE

What others have said .....

On the road to recovery

I was diagnosed with level three endo five years ago and my health and my life had been on a downward spiral.  I decide enough was enough and wanted to try a natural approach and I found the coaching provided by Carolyn which has been a turning point in my health. Her advice has been spot-on with regards to the cause of my symptoms and her advice has helped to radically reduce my symptoms and I feel like I am on the road to recovery.



Pain levels reduced so much

Doing this course was my last hope of getting relief from my debilitation endo which has had me floored with severe pain and many other awful symptoms. It has really paid off and my pain levels have been reduced so much I hardly notice it and my other symptoms have improved, especially my low energy as well as the awful bloating - gone! I am so relieved to have found ways to support my health naturally. One happy bunny.


My energy is back

This has been a great investment and finally getting results to feeling better.  After four laparoscopies I was losing all hope of ever getting my life back. Things turned around after following the advice from Carolyn. I soon got into the routine of changing my diet which I now find I actually enjoy.  My pain levels are almost unnoticeable with my periods, my energy is back, the bloating and gut symptoms I used to suffer is now something in the past.  Such relief – priceless!


This program is broad and detailed in the guidance it offers including:

You will be assessed with an in-depth health questionnaire

Depending on your assessment, you may be advised to have certain hormone and gut health tests


Guidance on healing the gut:

We look at issues that may be causing health problems and how to treat them including SIBO, Leaky Gut, Candida

How to implement an Elimination Diet to help find the root cause of your trigger foods

Learn of the different natural remedies to treat any gut health problems and heal your gut


Natural Therapies

You will learn of the best natural therapies to use to help support your healing journey including many feedback stories from others who have had success.

Advice is given of how to chose which natural therapy to use


Diet and Nutrition

Eating a nutritious anti-inflammatory diet based on the outcomes of doing an elimination diet will really help to reduce your symptoms of pain, inflammation, bloating, endo-belly, and help to support your immune-system

Nutrition is a corner-stone to good health as 80% of your immune-system is found in your gut, and your gut is where many hormones are synthesized, and where many of your neurotransmitters are produced


Balancing your hormones 

Many with endo are estrogen dominant and you will be advised of natural ways to balance your hormones through nutrition and nutritional supplements, and also how to use progesterone cream to help balance your hormones


Supplements to help your symptoms

Many supplements have been tried and tested, some of which can really help reduce your symptoms and you will be guided of the best supplements to help reduce your symptoms

Fatigue and endometriosis

We uncover other possible causes of fatigue that may not be endometriosis

Your fatigue can have a number of other causes and these may be uncovered following tests ie. Thyroid, adrenal fatigue, low iron, nutritional deficiencies

Once these issues are address you can start to get your energy back and get back to living your life


Natural products

Understanding toxins and chemicals in relationship to endo/hormones

Swopping conventional menstrual products for safer options

Finding safer home cleaning products and recipes to make your own body care products that are non-toxic


Dealing with anxiety & Depression

The emotional impact of this disease is so often overlooked and we look at tools and natural remedies you can use to reduce your depression and anxiety

Numerous other tips and resources

We also look at ways to reduce the financial impact of endo, including ways to earn money and ideas to save money on the home front

Which is the best and safest exercise to do to help endo, which will boost your endorphins, get the blood flowing and gently reduce your symptoms

How detox and support your liver

Shopping list to help start a new diet

Tips for coming of the birth control pill to get your hormones back on track

Loads of tips and nutritional advice to support your immune-system

Natural remedies and supplements to help reduce pain, help with insomnia, reduce your nausea

Including other helpful snippets and guides that are too numerous to cover here

A huge arsenal of resources, guides and support to get your health back on track


The program includes:

Detailed PDF handouts for future reference on most of the subjects included in the course

Support and guidance in a private support group

On-going personal support whenever you need it


Plus Bonuses:

A companion cookbook from endo-resolved ' Recipes and Diet Advice for Endometriosis ' which has over 250 endo-friendly recipes

A motivational e-book full of healing stories and testimonials sent to the website over the past few years

I trust you are ready to make changes and start to feel the improvements in your health ...

Think of this as a valuable investment in your life

Book you place  NOW

About the Author

My name is Carolyn Levett, the Founder of endo-resolved - I am an  Integrative Health Coach having studied nutrition, naturopathy, aromatherapy  as well as being a published author. I used to suffer from severe endometriosis and was able to regained my health and heal from the disease with the support of nutrition and natural therapies.

My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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