Symptoms worse after eating and with stress

by Lucy cousins
(Bridgwater Somerset )

Symptoms which are caused by minimal endometriosis:

I suffer from on-going pelvic pain ranging from sharp to stabbing to dull pelvic pain. This is in my lower back, middle of my pubic area, in my pelvic bladder area before and after urination, pain before and during a bowel movement.

All my urine tests are negative, ultrasounds are clear, blood tests are clear?? I had a diagnostic laparoscopy four weeks ago which showed a small right handed heamorragic cyst and a small patch of endometriosis, apparently so small it wouldn't be bothersome to me?

I have been signed off work and I have become depressed as I am constantly dealing with symptoms day in, day out.

I need some help as doctors are not listening to me. I have visited the emergency room over and over but they tell me they cannot find a cause for my pain.

Please can somebody help me, I have now become desperate and I am even considering taking out a loan for private healthcare I don't know what else to do :((

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Jun 14, 2016
It doesn't matter how small...
by: Anonymous

It doesn't matter the amount of Endometriosis, that is irrelevant to the pain. Someone could have a small patch and have pain worse than child birth, while someone could have endo growth all over and feel little to know pain. Look up Dr. Gregory Cook, he wrote an amazing book on Endometriosis and pelvic pain. Good luck, sending prayers your way.

Jun 29, 2015
Venting Venting Venting
by: Dee

I am so everyone like us that has all this pain and no real help.... I've been suffering from endometriosis for 7 yrs now.. Since I was 23yrs. I am 29, I have been on different medicines, birth controls ...had 4 surgeries.. Lost jobs... And more... I don't know why this disease isn't considered a disability because it is disabling.

I'm pretty much in pain everyday from my belly button on down..even my legs ache... And when my cycle comes...I'm absolutely down for the count! I sometimes have to call out of work or miss important meetings. All I can say.. Is keep fighting and stay on top of your obgyn!! Prayers sent!!

May 21, 2014
Endo Pain
by: Lockport Bummer

I was wondering if anyone else experiences severe lower pain which gets worse after eating, accompanied by bloating and gas. The pain used to last three to five days now I'm on day 13. The pain is so severe it wakes me up at night and I sit there crying my eyes out. The pain also shoots down my right upper thigh. Please tell me that someone else experiences the same thing. I am scheduled for a hysterectomy in three weeks.

Nov 30, 2013
Find an OBGYN
by: Anonymous

Hi There,
I have been suffering for about 4+ years from sharp stabbing pain inside, ovary pain, lower back pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. I have also had blood in my stool, nauseous and severe bloating.

I have had horrible pain with intercourse to where it interrupted the session and it was scary. I have also had blood in my urine during several Dr. visits, but nobody did anything or explained why. My blood work came back normal, paps normal, no STD's, all clear.

Oct. 3rd I went to sit down in my car one day and the pain shot up inside it brought me to tears, so I walked into a clinic. Long story short, I finally made the decision to find another OBGYN at a women's clinic two hours away and scheduled the apt.

On Oct. 4th I looked five months pregnant and have remained this way clear until today...50 consecutive days. Still able to have bowel movements, belching (can't help), flatulence, so not sure why. My ribs hurt from the pressure and so does my sternum.

My right side hurts around the rib area and around to my back. My belly button area feels like it's tearing inside and blood in my stool, thin stools, mossy stools, etc. Colonoscopy came back normal, specialist said I didn't even have haemorrhoids, so where is the blood coming from?

No one has said anything! Please find a good OBGYN and don't give up. Your body doesn't just hurt for no reason. It's a shame doctors don't do a better job of listening and use the tests and technology to rule things out!

Aug 18, 2013
I'm suffering like you..
by: Anonymous

I hope you feel better. I am going through the same thing. I have had so many symptoms, and I am not sure if I have endometriosis. I suspect it, because my mother had it, and I had long and painful periods with long cycles.

I have 10 month old twins, and was displaced with hurricane sandy, and felt like my body broke since going back to work in May. It's possible the twin pregnancy in combination with lifting heavy things after going back to work caused my problems.

I had an ovarian cyst, hematuria, bacterial vaginosis, kidney stone, costochondritis, and PT treatment for back pain. Now I have genitourinary symptoms. I have a lot of pain when I drink water.

I have a hard time losing weight even with much effort and painful sex. My belly is distended, I have painful relations with my husband, and my pelvis and lower back hurt a lot with a full bladder.

I also have terrible pain and urinary retention when constipated. I was diagnosed with possible celiac and haemorrhoids. I have a mirena IUD with a bicornuate uterus. I was just diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction and given a prescription for a PT who specializes in women's health. I haven't started yet, so I don't know if this will help, but maybe you should try PT for yourself. Hope something works out for the two of us. Good Luck!

Jul 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to tell you other than I am sorry and you will be in my prayers.

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