Endometriosis Resources

Below you will find resources and further advice for additional information about endometriosis:

Natural Progesterone Cream

For a good quality Natural Progesterone Cream which does not include any parabens and is of the required recommended strength for endometriosis  I recommend ...

Natpro Natural Progesterone Cream

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Progesterone cream

Endometriosis Websites

Endometriosis Association - helping women and girls with the pain and treatment of Endometriosis  endometriosisassn. org 

Endometriosis UK - the UK national advice and support site -

Endometriosis Australia - support & advice endometriosis.org.au

Global endometriosis platform - endometriosis.org

Endometriosis awareness and support - Endometriosis Foundation US

Personal Endometriosis Blogs & websites

Endo Twin Cities - Endo Community & support website with a team who organise meetings for sufferers. www.endosupport.com

Cure Endometriosis   Cure Endometriosis - A personal endometriosis Blog from Melissa who is following natural treatments for her endometriosis 

Pain Advice

Chronic Pain Advice - including a Pain Toolkit free e-book  with advice of how to manage long term pain - The Pain Toolkit

Pelvic Pain - International advice organisation on many issues related to pelvic pain  Pelvic Pain Organisation 

Adhesions Advice - International Adhesion Society. Information on adhesion related disorders, their treatments and prevention 
International Adhesion Society 

Autoimmune Diseases - American Autoimmune related disease Association Autoimmune Diseases Association 

Fibromyalgia Advice  Fibromyalgia Advice  

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