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Magnesium spray for pain relief - make your own much cheaper
December 10, 2020

Money saving pain relief ideas ...

In this issue I share a couple of pain relief ideas using home-made remedies that are going to save you money

Hi there Warriors,

I thought I would be a nice idea to share my recipe for making your own magnesium spray oil because magnesium is really good at relieving pain.

You can massage this oil on your abdomen, your back and anywhere else you feel muscle and tissue pain.

I also share my recipe for making your own CBD suppositories, which can also help with pain relief, and these can be REALLY expensive.

Magnesium oil for pain relief

Magnesium is great for pain relief and when you apply directly to your skin, it will soak in and help relieve pain directly where it is needed. You can easily make your own pain relief magnesium spray at home with very few ingredients, and you will know there are NO added ingredients.

Shopping list:

1 Magnesium chloride flakes – from your local pharmacy or online places like Amazon

2 Bottle distilled water

You need:

1 Half cup magnesium flakes

2 Half cup distilled water

3 Spray bottle

4 Pain relied essential oils of choice

To make:

1 Boil the distilled water and pour it on the magnesium flakes.

2 Stir vigorously until the flakes are completely dissolved.

3 Add a few drops of essential oils of choice

4 After the water cools down, transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.


Will keep for up to six months.

This blend will cost about 1/10th the cost of purchasing ready-made magnesium oil and the benefit is you can add other pain-relieving ingredients.

Essential oils to add for pain relief include:

Chamomile, peppermint (anti-spasmodic), lavender (can help menstrual cramps), eucalyptus (great for nerve related pain), rosemary (analgesic and anti-inflammatory), copaiba (excellent for pain relief).

CBD suppository recipe

Many are using CBD suppositories to help with pain and inflammation in the pelvic area, and this includes helping with endometriosis. CBD has had a lot of research to validate the effectiveness to help with pain and taken orally can also help with anxiety and insomnia.

However, I have found any of the CBD suppositories online are REALLY expensive so I experimented and now make my own. Considering the average price is around $40 for 10 suppositories, it makes sense to make your own and you can also adjust the strength.

To make a dozen suppositories

1. Melt a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil in a glass bowl placed in hot water (coconut oil has a very low melt point, so you don’t need to heat it on the stove)

2. Add sufficient CBD oil to allow for 2 drops for each suppository and mix with the coconut oil.

3. Pour the mixture into the suppository moulds, you may find a cheap plastic syringe makes this job easier.

4. You can buy some moulds that come with a stand to hold them upright while they set. Or you can devise a way to support cheaper moulds upright while the oil sets. I just cut a strip of plastic suppository moulds of a required length which can that be wedged inside a plastic food container without falling over.

5. Put the filled moulds in the fridge to set. Once the oil has hardened the suppositories are then ready to use. Keep them in the fridge so they stay hard and only take them out when you want to use one. Pop the suppository in quick as coconut oil melts quickly.

You can use these vaginally or rectally and both will help to provide the benefits of CBD in the pelvic region. One advantage of using them rectally is that they may help with rectal inflammation. I purchased my suppository molds from ebay, and you will probably find them at online drug stores/chemists.

You can also make up the suppositories with 50/50 coconut oil and cocoa butter – experiment to see which you prefer.When buying CBD oil to add to your suppositories, it can help to get recommendations from others of the oils they have found to be the best quality, as the market is now flooded with CBD products.

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With healing thoughtsCarolyn

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