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Endometriosis awareness and BIG news
March 06, 2021

Endo-resolved Newsletter

Endometriosis Awareness and NEWS

Hi Warriors,

I have had a busy month for various reasons which I will detail in a minute.

As we all know it is Endometriosis Awareness Month and I thought I would point you in the direction of an article I wrote about the desperate need for much more awareness of this dreadful disease.

I sometimes feel that the Endometriosis Awareness Month tends to be preaching to the converted and it can be very difficult to educate the general public, never mind trying to educate your own family as to how debilitating this disease can be.

I keep reading stories of how women are dismissed by those around them and their pain is not seen as serious. Often it takes women passing out on the bathroom floor before family and friends finally ‘get it’. IT SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THIS.

But what can we do? This is the HUGE problem caused by having an invisible illness, and you are dismissed as being neurotic or looking for attention.

It is only when someone famous opens up about their fight with endo or there is coverage on the mass media that any serious awareness of this disease takes place.

Anyway, I have an article that covers this topic that you will find here:

endo awareness article

Another BIG piece of news ….. I have been beavering away for over 9 months on this project and it is finally LIVE.

My new book ‘Endometriosis – Healing from the Inside Out: Your Guide to Healing & Managing Endometriosis Through Gentle Natural Therapies’ is now available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle and various e-book stores.

I was so thankful to be able to have a number of women read the book before it was launched and were able to give me feedback and some pre-launch reviews, and the feedback was very supportive and positive.

Find the book here

Feel free to pass this email on to others you may know in the endo community.

They can also join the Newsletter by going to the link here:

Newsletter sign up


This group is growing daily and I have now uploaded quite a few PDF advice documents you can download including:

More guides will be uploaded over time - so do join the group to keep up to date with more helpful tips and advice, as well as getting help from other members.

The new support group at Facebook is gaining momentum and new members are joining every day

You can find more details here: new facebook group

If you have any questions or need some support you can always contact me at the website here:

Contact endo-resolved

Till next time, stay safe

With healing thoughts


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