Would not have surgery for endometrisois

by Sienna Dunn
(Wisconsin )

I didn't have regular endometriosis pain symptoms but I was noticing some issues with my bladder - needing to go more often. 7 months ago I was in agony with my period but the period after that was fine.

Something felt not right and during an exam my gyno found a mass on my ovary. An ultrasound was inconclusive for cancer so they went in to remove ovary and uterus which had multiple fibroids.

They found a lot of endometriosis and were peeling it off my bladder, ureter etc. I ended up having a total hysterectomy. And I'd never do it again. A girl I know (24 yrs old) had endometriosis everywhere and she removed all processed food from her diet - no sugar, no gluten and the endometriosis started disappearing. She's having a baby this month.

Do everything you can to avoid a hysterectomy. Using narcotics regularly would be better than putting your body through that kind of surgery.

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