when will this stop.

by Dee

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 23. My symptoms started when I first got my periods at 13. Very painful periods where I used to vomit and blackout from the pain.

No doctor could explain why. After years of pain symptoms I had a hysterectomy at 33. They left both my ovaries as they were fine and because of my age.

At 42 I had my left ovary taken because of endometriosis which was also found on the lining of my stomach and on my bowel.

When I was 44 I started to bleed from my vagina. I was found to have endometriosis in my vagina. My right ovary was then taken hoping it would stop the growth of the endometriosis.

But at 46 it was found to be blocking my urethra which was killing my left kidney. It only works at 23% now. At the same time endometriosis was found in my bowel and rectum.

I lost some of my bowel and rectum and half my urethra. Now at 48 my bowel symptoms are starting again and need to have an MRI.

When will this stop. If any one is or has been in a similar situation I would love some feed back.

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