Was told by fertility doc would never concieve and now pregnant with a son

by Joy

Hello all!

I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and Endometrioma (the ovary version of endometriosis). My husband and I went to a fertility specialist to look at options since we had no luck conceiving on our own after trying for over a year.

I knew there may be complications due to my endometriosis, that I had surgery on before, so we went through some tests and our only option was IVF with a 70% chance of success. The doctor then told us, if we conceived naturally we would most likely lose it within the first trimester (Ugh!).

Well with the holidays approaching, we decided to wait a few months until after the holidays were over before we put down the money to try IVF. Well, a month later we were pregnant! Naturally! We used things like Preseed but regardless, we did not have to go through fertility treatments.

I was a little panicked since I heard the doctor's words echoing in the back of my mind, but I decided to just trust and rest the best I could. Here I am 22 weeks pregnant with the healthiest baby ever!

Every checkup, everything is good and we both are extremely healthy. The fact is, do not give up and do not think that a doctor's words are absolutely final for you; because that is simply not true.

We go through a lot with endometriosis and just know that relaxing and trusting that it can happen could potentially bring you the best thing ever. Do not give up please!

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