Tried for 2 years before having my son...

by Wendy Tinsley
(Culpeper, VA, USA)

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for two years before we found that we were pregnant with our son. We both have a child from previous relationships, so we didn't think we would have any problem conceiving together.

When we found it wasn't happening for us, we started seeing our doctors. They immediately started running tests on my husband because they thought it couldn't have been me because I had already had a child before.

Somewhere during all the testing we ended up conceiving. Our son was born in February of 2005. By the time he turned a 2 year old I had started to have intense recurring pains in my lower belly. I was seeing my OB doctor at least once a week. He would check me over thoroughly and prescribe me with pain killers.

Finally after about year of going through this cycle, he told me I should seek a second opinion. I found another doctor right away. I went to speak with her and check her credentials. After talking with her for about 10 minutes, the next thing I know she had me up on the table doing an exam.

I did not know at that time that she specialized in Endometriosis & Intercystial Cystitis. When she showed me the film from the exam I was shocked.

She proceeded to ask me if I ever had problems conceiving and I told her about the long story of having my son. I even found out that when I had gall bladder problems (my gall bladder had attached itself to my liver) and removal back in 2001, the whole thing stemmed from me having undiagnosed Endometriosis & I.C.

I have since undergone several surgeries (no hystorectomy as of yet)to try to correct some of my issues. I have had several cysts removed and lots endometrial scarring removed. I don't have the pain all the time, but when it does flare up, wow it hurts.

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