Symptoms of infertility, extreme bloating, pelvic pain and leg cramps

by Suzinne B.

Menopausal and still suffering with endometriosis

Looking back I realize now - pretty late in the game being I'm now middle aged - that I never, ever got pregnant not even once because I've suffered with endometriosis.

I'm menopausal/post menopausal now, but I still live with pelvic pain, bloating and cramping. Also, periodic very sharp pains penetrating the vaginal area. From doing internet research today, learned something new and more specific to my problems - I have GI endometriosis.

Knew I always had bowel problems associated with menstruation, and this has been going on for many years. Suffer with mild/burning pain in the pelvic region. Also, fibromyalgia which comes and goes.

Probably the most alarming symptom is the extreme bloating. As a fairly slim individual, when I'm getting "The Bloat," my abdomen easily resembles a six month pregnancy! This is most definitely not your normal post meal puffiness.

I wish I could alleviate these symptoms or have some advice for fellow sufferers. The sad part is endometriosis offers no easy solutions, if any.

Have not had a period in years, yet here I am at the age of 56 suffering today with bad leg cramps and pelvic burning connected to this condition.

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