Surgery for Severe Endometriosis

by Tracy
(andrews texas)

In 2003 I was having a lot of female problems. Heavy bleeding all the time and constant pain and problems with constipation. I was going to the doctor off and on for the next several years.

Finally in 2006 they did a vaginal ultra-sound and said that my uterus was enlarged and said there was a possible chance that I had Endometriosis.

A month later with a lot of pain symptoms they did another Sono and I was told that my uterus had prolapsed. I had a partial hysterectomy. It was found I had severe Endometriosis around my bowels and uterus ( that's what caused my uterus to prolapse)

My doctor said I had some cysts on my ovaries but other than that they were fine. He suggested that since I was only 34 to keep my ovaries so I wouldn't have to take hormone therapy.

Now in 2013 and 41 years old, I just had surgery to remove more Endometriosis as well as my ovaries. The doctor said I had a lot of Endometriosis implants and he is positive that it was all removed.

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