Stitch-like pains in ovary areas and extreme bloating

by Niki
(South, UK)

I decided to see my GP after reading information on the signs of ovarian cancer and realising I had a lot of the symptoms listed; I wasn't panicking over it as the leaflet stressed that it could be nothing but that it's best to get checked out.

My symptoms included sharp, stitch-like pains around my right ovary (I'd been having these on and off for a few years, not thought much of them initially but they'd been increasing in frequency), discomfort during sex, extreme bloating and IBS-like symptoms.

With the bloating it had got to the point where I'd be lucky to get one third of the way through an evening meal before my stomach blew up like a rigid balloon; I'd suddenly look 6 months pregnant and would not be able to eat another bite until the bloating subsided (which would normally take a matter of hours). I knew this could not be normal and my husband was becoming increasingly concerned for my health.

So initially, my GP suspected I may have an ovarian cyst and I got booked in for an internal scan. The scan showed a growth on my ovary, then I had another scan maybe a couple of months later and the growth had increased notably in size.

I started seeing a specialist consultant who suggested I may have endometriosis and I had a laparoscopy at the end of December 2011. My laparoscopy op was expected to take around one to one and a half hours but I was operated on for more like three to four hours in the end.

It turned out there was more endometriosis tissue than the surgeons expected and I had 4 incisions instead of two! They had removed 7 - 8cm worth of endometriosis tissue.

Following my laparoscopy my symptoms essentially disappeared. I went on a course of zolaxex injections for a few months, then moved on to the contraceptive pill (Microgynon, or the equivalent unbranded pill had always worked well for me in the past and was probably the reason why my endometriosis had not really developed until after I'd originally come off it).

After maybe 6 months or so of being on the pill I decided to take a break and try to conceive. I'm happy to report that I fell pregnant virtually first time trying - I am now 36 weeks in, a first-time Mum-to-be! Fingers crossed the birth will go as smoothly as the pregnancy has so far, and it would be especially nice if what they say about having children being the closest thing to an endometriosis cure turns out to hold true for me, too.

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