Should I have a laparoscopy

by Sarah

I am 23 and just looking for some advice about endometriosis or anyone with similar stories?

I have been on the contraceptive pill since I was 15. Three years ago I had pelvic pain, back pain and irregular bleeding.

I went to the doctor and had various tests which were all fine. They then sent me for an internal ultrasound and found fluid on my pelvis? They said this means something is going on and referred me to a gyno.

The gyno said he believed I probably had endometriosis and to take my pills back to back for three months at a time. I did this and the problem disappeared.

He signed me off and said carry on as you are and come back if it worsens.

For the last year I have had bowel problems - diarrhoea, bloating, gas pains etc. the doctor has said that it could be the suspected endometriosis.

She told me to go back to having my pills monthly and if my problems worsen, she advised that I have the laparoscopy (which I am very nervous).

I have just finished my first period taking my pills this way. It was more painful than usual. I have now started the next pack, but since last night suddenly got a lot of burning sensation in my pelvis and back and brown discharge. This is not normal for me in a cycle.

Anybody had this before? Is it normal? Do I need to have the laparoscopy? Thanks for any feed back xx

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