Severe Endometriosis now 20 weeks pregnant

by Belinda
(New Zealand)

I started suffering bad symptoms during my period, and since my sister suffers from endometriosis, I had a laparoscopy to see if I too suffered the same.

Turned out that I had extensive scarring and adhesions on my bladder and other areas, including pouch of douglas. It was so bad that they didn't remove it in that operation as they needed to have a bladder specialist on hand in case they damaged my bladder removing the endometriosis.

So I was told this could affect my fertility, even though my fallopian tubes were clear of endometriosis. We really wanted to get pregnant so I decided to try acupuncture after it was recommended by my doctor.

I did this while I was waiting to have the surgery again to remove the endometriosis. I stopped drinking anything with caffeine, all alcohol, ate a really healthy diet, and had weekly sessions of acupuncture to improve fertility.

I then got pregnant within 4 months of trying. Just had my 20 week scan and all is well! So I don't need to have the surgery (for now).

So don't give up hope. You can become pregnant even weth severe endometriosis.

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