Secondary infertility? Passing tissue every cycle..

by Loretta Martin
(Virginia, USA)

I tried to get pregnant for over a year with my daughter, she's now almost 2 years old. Me and my husband have been trying for our 2nd baby since the birth of our daughter. .so about 2 years.

I have extremely painful debilitating periods where I pass tissue. Its usually grey matter about 3-4 inches long. At first I thought it was a miscarriage. .but almost every month???

I went to the Er years ago for abdominal pain. and they said it might be endometriosis, ultrasounds have showed cysts. Haven't had laparoscopy.

I feel like I'm experiencing secondary infertility possibly due to endo. It is very depressing to me and i can't go see a gyno rn. Just wondering if anyone can relate or has experienced something similar.

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