Second laparoscopy and information on endometriosis diet needed

by Veronica Lee
(Victoria, Australia)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis officially start of last year (2012), although I already knew I suffered from it. My mother had it, and even though she is in menopause now, still believes she has it a little.

I had always had painful periods. I first got mine when I was 13 (nearly 21) and they gradually started to get worse and worse! I always seemed to think it was normal. I would end up not being able to go to school most times when I had my period, and now I sometimes can't go to work.

Pain medications did nothing for me, even taking ibuprofen or paracetamol with added codeine. I would end up crippled in bed in the foetal position with a heat pack on my stomach and feeling like I wanted to vomit and sometimes I did due to the pain.

I never though that my painful periods were anything to be put down to except genes and bad luck. But late 2011 my mum encouraged me to see my local GP and see if I could get checked out for endometriosis as she had it.

I had an external and internal ultrasound which didn't show anything, but due to my being in so much pain, my GP sent me for a referral to an OB/GYN. A couple of months later I finally got to see him and said that he would operate and have a look by doing a laparoscopy.

I had the surgery in April of 2012, and felt a lot better after recovering from surgery. I had a lot of endometriosis around my ovaries and throughout my uterus. He removed as much as he could. There was still some microscopic endometriosis left that he couldn't get.

He put me on the depo-provera injection, which I had 3 monthly. I stopped getting my period and was feeling better! A couple of months after the surgery I was starting to feel sore again. Still when I urinated and opened my bowels. But I thought to myself, it's not as bad as it was, get used to it.

But in September of 2012 my partner was in a severe car accident, which caused me to have my period for 3 weeks due to all of the stress. I started after that to be in a lot of pain again. I still kept having the injection, but to no avail.

Every month since the accident I got my period and the symptoms gradually got worse and worse again, so much so I was taking time off work again. I went to see my GP who once again referred me to the OB/GYN. The OB/GYN was quite astounded that I was still getting my period when I was on the injection.

He has scheduled me for a surgery March 19th and I'm hoping this time, it fixes me. I cannot stand to be in any more pain! The constant feeling like my uterus and surrounds are being attacked by knives and other sharp objects is just torture!

I have decided after doing some research that I will be changing my diet quite drastically to help with the endometriosis symptoms.

I'm wanting to know how others have faired with the diet and if they have been able to stick to it. I am willing to, if it will decrease the symptoms I have and improve my quality of life, but I'm worried because I'm a fussy eater.

I'm wanting to know if on occasion, you have eaten foods that are not recommended and how you have gone? And if it is okay, once every very blue moon to have some of the non recommended food. I'm a die hard dairy eater, and am going to find that hard to give up!
Thank you!

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