Radical hysterectomy cured my Endo and gave me back my life!

by Annie Beer

After suffering from the age of 12 I became so disabled with Endo that I had to leave University and was unable to work. I had no quality of life, no money and no social life.

I became so ill in my 30's I was initially diagnosed with Cancer. I underwent an emergency radical hysterectomy where the worst case of Endo the Gynae had ever seen was revealed.

I was in surgery for double the expected operating time. I was unable to take HRT for months to allow any residual Endo to 'die off' so I did hit the menopause hard.

However months later I was allowed onto topical HRT. That was 10 years ago and have been symptom-free for 10 years! No more chronic pain, endless heavy bleeding, coming through my clothes or chronic diarrhoea and fatigue.

Having the radical hysterectomy gave me back my life and I wish I had undergone the surgery a decade earlier. I don't claim it will cure everyone but feel the other side of the story needs to be heard.

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Jul 18, 2017
A Positive Story for a change!
by: Ruth (UK)Anonymous

Hi Annie,
It is really great to read such a positive life story & i'm so happy for you and the fact that the endo has not returned in 10 years. Thank you for sharing, it has given me hope & i'm sure many other women who read this. I am 43, childless, with severe endo & heading for another surgery for it on the 31st July as my right kidney is affected again!

I asked for a hysterectomy & unfortunately it was refused!! I'm from the UK myself. Anyway, i'm inspired by your story, because it doesn't matter how many ops you have for this disease, it will keep coming back & perhaps hysterectomy is the answer for this debilitating disease as it ruins your life day in day out. Warmest wishes to you, Ruth.

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