Possible Endometriosis? - diagnosed as "dysfunctional"


I am 21 years old and have been on 10 different types of birth control over the last 3 years- none of which have worked. Even "dangerous" amounts of hormones that my physician prescribed as an ultimate attempt.

I've always had severe pain with periods, but the time span of them is what kills me. An average period for me lasts 10-13 days on birth control. Without it, I don't stop. There are frequent clots and it is always heavy. It is not consistent and does not follow a strict 28 day pattern even with the contraceptives. At the beginning of each period I have severe cramps and bloating and the discharge is nearly black- like, forgive me, "older" blood. It's honestly gross.

I have had a pelvic exam twice, but both times the nurse had to restrain me because it hurts so bad. I always cry.

I've also had a vaginal ultrasound (that was also extremely painful) that showed no signs of any trouble.

My latest symptoms are unusual exhaustion- I want to sleep all the time. The one that worries me, though, is my bladder. One minute I am fine and the next I HAVE to go and often don't make it to the toilet on time. Earlier this year I even woke up to having wet my bed. It was so embarrassing and made me feel upset for a week or so despite nobody else knowing about the incident.

Is this just dysfunction periods? Or could it be endometriosis? I have very little knowledge about the medical world myself.

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