Not sure about my symptoms

by Pixie

My personal endometriosis symptoms include:

The week before menstruation I suffer shoulder pain, nasea every day almost all day, diarrhoea starts, huge lack of energy...when I eat my stomach blows up....and some days a bit of food will come back up within a couple hours of eating..

The day menstruation starts I have full diarrhoea, sweats, nausea to the point of not sure whether to leave the wash-room.

On day two or three I have the same symptoms, but the pain in my back and stomach are so much that I am stuck in bed for at least two days. As menstruation leaves slowly almost all symptoms stop.

I was diagnosed with IBS....but honestly I have almost no other symptoms until pms starts. The dr is going to give me bc to try to stop the cycle, and I am so dissapointed with this. I have had trouble with bc my whole life, and i am worried that this either isn't going to solve the problem, or worse mask the problem. If it is being managed, Drs stop looking for answers.

My gastro specialist strongly suspects endometriosis, however my family dr is completely against this......due to a year ago I had to have an ovary removed due to a cyst, and at that time there was no endometriosis.

Can women really not get help. I suggested that if the periods are all that causes all my symptoms why not a hysterectomy. Apparently not an option...I had also had gallbladder removed last year due to stones. I was sick enough to quit my job.

I am at the point where I am wondering what company will hire me when I have to take a minimum of 5 to 7 days off sick leave a month. The rest of the two weeks a month I feel great .. feels like a huge joke.. I hope other women are having better luck..


Name: Patricia

Title: Celiac Disease

I have been reading these symptoms and have had various degrees of these pains, and always heavy bleeding. Severe bloating and other issues. I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease after 40 years of misdiagnoses.

Removed all gluten from my diet. Temporarily removed all other foods that caused reaction; for six months...I am so much better. Not entirely symptom free, but after problems my entire life this is a great improvement.

I recommend finding a M.D. who practices functional medicine. Have your stool tests include IGA tests for gluten, milk, egg, soy and corn if possible, but definitely gluten. Remember the reaction takes place in your bowels, so blood tests for reactivity is often false.

My heart goes out to all of you. I know what it feels like to be running on empty...

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