Naturally conceived with ovary stuck behind uterus due to endometrioma

by Ella

Hi everyone,

Please don't lose hope!

I am 8 weeks pregnant with a 2cm endometrioma (it was 5.6cm last year) causing my ovary stuck behind my uterus. And my other ovary has a very low reserve due to an endometrioma removal surgery in 2008.

Age: 36
Husband: 34
TTC for 3.5 years. Never conceived before in my entire life.
2 failed IVFs in 2015
2 failed IUIs in 2016 (social security rules require IUIs before covering IVF costs)

I took no medicine or treatment this year (2017). I was tired and hopeless so I kept postponing new round of fertility treatment for months.

Started smoking again (quit now) and didn't even care when my period was late although it happens may be once in a year. When I was 6 days late I took a test and got my first ever BFP.

Please keep trying naturally whatever doctors say. I wish you all the best.

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