My Pain is worse in the morning and at night

by Isabel

I am 17 years old and have been experiencing endometriosis pains ever since I was nine years old. I have not yet been diagnosed but I found out about the disease a week ago and I'm shocked how much it resembles my symptoms!

I've noticed I experience the pain more often at night and in the morning and it lasts about three hours.

I experience pain after urination which causes extreme stinging that feels like I have to urinate but nothing comes out. I also experience a stabbing cramp in the left side of my abdomen and it carries to my lower back, making it really hard to walk or do any other physical activity.

I also have issues of constipation usually a week before my period and then I have episodes of diarrhoea as well.

My doctors have mentioned dietary issues, dehydration, and ovary cysts but the pain comes and goes as it pleases making it hard to tell what is causing it.

I have the pain chronically throughout the month but it is worse before and during the beginning of my period. 'm just done with living day by day like this and would like to know if what I am experiencing is endometriosis so I can figure out how to cope with it because it causes me stress, anxiety, and fatigue as well. What do I do?

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