In need of help & in so much pain!

by Sherrie
(New York)

I have been suffering for many years with endometriosis! The doctor did not diagnose me with it until my doctor retired and a new one took over his practice.

All these years of trying to have a baby with my husband and sure enough at the age of 40 it was due to my endometriosis.

After taking a hormone drug and having a severe reaction to it I am headed back to the doctor soon.

Next step and maybe my only step considering how bad the pain is during my menstrual period (whether is shows up or not) and during the month in between, its time for surgery.

Sad to say how many women have to go through all this pain on a monthly basis or daily basis and believe it was normal.

Please please never believe this is normal. I did for the last 20 years and look were it has led to. No children and a full hysterectomy. If you are having the pain please see a doctor that will help you manage or take care of it. The pain is truly NOT normal.

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