I just want to escape from endometriosis

by Jessica Daniela Reynolds
(Batesville Arkansas)

Not a day goes by that I am not in some sort of pain because of endometriosis. From the moment I wake up, til the moment I go to bed I have painful symptoms.

Pain in my back, my stomach, legs and feet. Sometimes I have the worst migraines. The migraines from the stress of suffering pain symptoms everyday. Something grows in me everyday but it's not something that I really want. I want a baby to grow in my belly. Not this disease.

I often find myself wishing that I wouldn't wake the next day because what do I live for when nothing is fun because everything drains me, work drains me, keeping the bills paid, not going to the doctor when I need to just so I don't further my debt. It drains me.

I find myself wanting to give up, but somehow I keep going and I never give up and let it beat me. I am way stronger than most think. I am strong because I am here and I am alive.

I go to work everyday. I have a house, I have a fiancée I love very much, and a family that cherishes me. I have what I need. And they keep me going.

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