Hysterectomy three years ago due to endometriosis

by Tiffany
(Benoit's Cove, Canada)

I have had 28 surgeries for endometriosis.

It was so severe that I would vomit and pass out for over a week every month. I also had cervical cancer.

The doctor was shocked how I didn't get to be diagnosed with a laparoscopy, as it grew down my cervix.

I still have severe pains at time in my stomach but am not sure if this is due to endometriosis. The doctors have advised me that I may still get it after hysterectomy because of the severity of the disease.

I can say that I don't have the debilitating pain I once had, so, it was worth it for me just to be rid of some of the pain.


Name: Becky

Title: So sorry to hear what you have been through because of endometriosis

Oh my God - 28 surgeries. How have you kept going through all this. And I have to ask why have the doctors been so willing to keep operating on you over and over again.

I would think that each surgery could only make matters worse by adding to scar tissue. The way doctors treat us makes me so angry.

I do feel for you and all you have been through.

All the best

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