Hope I will overcome endometriosis

by Celia
(South Africa)

Well it all started in 1999, my periods would be so painful to a point where I had to stop walking when I felt a sharp pain, same as the ovulation.

Then in 2001 I became pregnant but had a miscarriage on the 3rd month, and also had another miscarriage in 2003. Since then I haven't become pregnant.

My doctor started monitoring my periods and saw that the pains where severe and he suggested laparoscopy and that's where I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2008.

The doctor told me that it was not curable and I will not fall pregnant, and guess what I believed him to the point that it ended up being severe.

Since 2008 my periods would torture me month in month out till last month where I decided to consult with my new gynaecologist. I went for the second laparoscopy and the results were bad.

The doctor said I was in stage 4 endometriosis, my womb, ovaries, and bladder where pulled together by the "spiderweb" of adhesions. The doctor had to treat the adhesions and pushed my organs to where they should be.

I cried my eyes out and I asked the doctor if I will be able to conceive, and he said yes.

Now I believe that I will over come this illness and that all is in good health with me. I am very happy to have found this site and hope that all are healthy and blessed.

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