Help from probiotics and digestive enzymes

by Anonymous

Probiotics are helping me a lot with my symptoms of endometriosis.

10-14 days each month I am taken over by endometriosis pain that is on par with Sciatica pain after rupturing L4 & L5 - horrific.

Have gone through so much ibuprofen for endometriosis pain. I now have tinnitus in right ear.

Started probiotics Feb 23, 2012 and got substantial relief from endometriosis pain. Take double dosage half the month to reduce endometriosis. I have also started both Nattokinase and Serrapeptase with good results.

I have not had surgery & prefer not to if possible. The pain attacks completely disable me and have shut down most of my life. Exhaustion & fatigue much of the time.

Might give another try at oral contraceptives but side effects for me are UTIs and up every hour in the bathroom interrupting sleep.

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