Full hysterectomy now after two years experiencing horrible pain

by Vandi B

Severe endometriosis found after years of suffering

I had horrible, debilitating periods since I was 12. Not until I was in my late 20's did my OB/GYN consider something might be really wrong. I had laparoscopic surgery, but within a year, it was just as bad.

I had cysts on my ovaries, a mass that turned out to be benign, but endometriosis was everywhere. My husband and I had tried for years to get pregnant, and it was as they said after surgery a one in a million shot.

I had no chance, and therefore went through with another surgery to have a complete hysterectomy. The first was to remove as much endometriosis they could.

Now it has been almost two years, and I feel like I did before. It's so scary! The pain is completely overwhelming and I take hormone replacement which is killing me.

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