Endometriosis - Wondering What Will Happen

by Katy

I am 17 years old, having been diagnosed with Endo at 16. As far as I am aware, this is a relatively young age to be diagnosed. I began having a stabbing pain in my pelvis area, and went to the ER. I had an ultrasound done and the doctor said there was nothing there. He suggested I go home and drink broth.

The pain increased over the next five months, with more spots that were in pain. I went to another doctor, and the only suggestion he had was that I had pinworms. I took the pinworm medicine, and obviously nothing was resolved. A month later I finally went and saw a lady doctor, and she referred me to an OBGYN, who then immediately saw the symptoms.

I was scheduled to have surgery, but it was cancelled due to the fact that they hadn't done another sonogram (ultrasound) on me. I am currently waiting for an open appointment.

The Endometriosis affects my entire pelvis area, with extreme bloating. My ribs and stomach feel as if they are all "stitched together" and breathing is sometimes difficult (as in getting a good breath in).

It also affect the muscles in my back, to where it twitches and "corkscrews" my vertebrae. As soon as the chiropractor sets my back, the muscle twitches and they corkscrew again.

I believe that with Endometriosis, there is a connection with yeast. Before it began, I had a horrible yeast infection (I still do). It will not go away, but I believe that is because of my diet, which I have not changed. I have read up on the yeast connection with Endo, and it makes a lot of sense. I encourage others to look that up, as it might be helpful.

I am hoping that this will be treatable and successful, as I hope to have many children of my own someday. What a tragedy it would be if this blighted my chances. I pray that it will be resolved!

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