Endometriosis returned after child-birth

by Anne

Diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis ....

I started suffering at the age of 19 with very heavy periods, within 6 months I was being took home from work every month by my boyfriend at the time, regular timing as clockwork.

Got progressively worse, was fobbed of by g.p. saying its period pains, given feminax and paracetamol. It was like taking a couple of smarties, introduced hot water bottles for comfort at this time as well.

My mum gave me stronger tablets as GP still said in my head. My mum and aunty also suffered and they could see what was wrong. Got my 1st laparoscopy at age 22 due to me being so anxious, they were convinced they would not see anything.

Confirmed stage 4 endometriosis, they didn't say what that meant so i did my own research and it opened my eyes up to what i had been dealing with and not realising.

Mine had spread up to my belly button. Now at the age of 34 I have had to have 4 laparoscopies to remove cysts up to 4 inches in diameter. Have to have lots of ivf due to being infertile to have children.

I am blessed with a gorgeous 20 month old son. When my son was just 2 months old i got my 1st infection again after birth. Sympton come back one by one. Went in april of this year for mri so they could see what was happening before going under the knife again and indeed it has come back, stage 4 again.

They are giving me till november then having my 5th laparoscopy, we can then try for baby number 2 for six months, and in july next year they want me to have hrt until im 50 or a hysterectomy.

I am opting for the latter, at least i will be able to finally get on with my life normally, be able to go swimming and do other things with my son without waking up and finding out i have come on again.

If anybody wants a chat my email is annehunter1378@hotmail.com. Good luck all you ladies out there suffering in silence. My advice would be don't ever give up. You know your body better than anybody else. anne xx

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