Endometriosis or kidneys crisis/infection (pielonefritis) ?

by Aylin
(Beijing, China)

I just got out from a horrible crisis that was excruciating ! The pains started in day 15 and keep me on this day 19 today when I am already feel better...

The pains started violent with pain in the bladder and urinary tract, kidneys area, identical with kidneys crisis and I felt very very cold during these days !

I went to the doctor, done kidneys tests, no urinary infection at all ! The pain started after I go up some stairs, not sure if the cause was that or not, but it seem to be because of ovulation..

I had my gallbladder out also in a surgery this year in June. I had terrible gallbladder attacks till then and followed by acute pancreatitis !

Without gall-bladder is better now, no nausea, no dizzy, no headache, can eat, but what can I do for this pain still remained at ovulation ??? I am over my power to live this life !

I become very depressive in that days when pain occurs and I see everything black.... like no future vision.. I have no friends, I am not married, endo made me lose everything !

I have no job as I cannot work ! I am living by one and other caring only ! People do help me, but I can't live only based on their help always... I need a normal life and family, a husband, a child...I would be able have all this in one day?

Please help me with your stories and ideas ! Contact me to aylin.zhang on yahoo dot com.
Wish you all be strong !

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