Support to aid healing of Endometriosis

’Reclaim Your Life - Your Guide to Aid Healing of Endometriosis’

A motivational, informative and practical book to inspire confidence in your ability to heal from Endometriosis

From Endo Resolved

Healing of endometriosis

How this book can help you

This book is a guide and tells you what you need to know to make informed decisions about your choices for treatments and natural healing ..... 

A significant step to aid healing of Endometriosis is to obtain emotional support as well as gather positive information. These are your tools, your back-up, and your resources. 

To help keep you on your healing path and assist you to fight back requires all the reassuring and positive advice you can gather. This is hugely beneficial. 

While researching to help my own recovery, I read all I could about natural medicine and treatments, of stories by people who had cured themselves and those who had overcome all odds and regained their health. These inspiring stories gave me the incentive, drive and determination to do the same. And I succeeded. 

The aim of this book is to provide answers. These answers focus on practical advice about how to choose your own healing plan using safe, natural treatments and many self-help strategies. 

Some of the questions and issues the book covers: 

  • Ideas to supplement your treatment - Shows you all the measures you can take to complement, and make more effective whatever treatment you are using right now 

  • Natural treatments - Why natural treatments can succeed in treating endometriosis permanently when modern medicine can only provide temporary respite 

  • Pain management - All the strategies and ideas to help you manage your pain 

  • Healing stories - Anecdotal stories of other women who have healed from endometriosis 

  • Diet - Learn why diet is so helpful, and has proved successful in helping to reduce the symptoms of endometriosis. Includes advice of which foods to leave out of your diet 

  • Successful treatments - A look at the successes when using natural treatments for pain, infertility as well as treating endometriosis 

  • Which treatment? - How to choose which natural treatment to use that will suit you best 

  • Doctors and attitudes - How to insist that you get the best from your doctor 

  • Depression - How to cope with the depression that is cause by endometriosis and strategies for fighting back 

  • External toxins - Discover all the external influences that can be impeding your health and stopping you from getting better. This includes toiletries and household cleaners, some of which can mimic oestrogen  and advice is given on alternatives you can use instead. 

  • Progesterone - Gain an understanding why the natural female hormone Progesterone is so vital for your well being 

  • Estrogen - Learn how to balance oestrogen in your body 

  • Healing - Discover lots of wonderful things about healing and the scientific research which backs it up - with some jaw dropping facts! 

  • Your immune system Learn about the many different things you can do for yourself to boost your immune system and help your to body heal

The content of this book goes beyond what you will find here on the website at Endo-Resolved.

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