Endometriosis hell

by Regina

I am 28 and was diagnosed about 4 years ago. I have always had very long painful periods and when I was 17 I had cysts covering both my ovaries.

My doctor at the time had me wait it out and allow my body to absorb the cysts which eventually it did. 4 years ago went for a check up because I was having severe pain during and after sex.

My regular physician was convinced I was drug seeking because all my tests came back negative, after many months of doctors appointments he finally referred me to a gynaecologist. They put me on lupron for 4 months and I was taking pain blockers and killers to dull the pain.

I had laparoscopy surgery and she found a lot of scar tissue, she removed everything she could find and she took me off the shot and told me to take birth control for 3 months. I started bleeding as soon as I went on birth control and didn't stop until I went off of it. I then lost my insurance.

Less the 6 months after my surgery the pain came back and was manageable until about a year ago. I have 8 to 10 day periods now and my cramps are so bad I'm in bed for at least 3 days of my period and they are coming every 2 weeks.

I have opted to get a hysterectomy but there is a chance I will still continue to have pain because they are leaving my ovaries. Its been a long road and I thank god everyday my fiance and family are so supportive.

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