Endometriosis has destroyed my life

by Krysten
(Florida, USA)

I first started getting symptoms when I was 14, they started getting worse around age 16. At age 17 my life was screwed up by this disease and has been ever since.

I miss so many days at work because of this disease, it makes my life unmanageable. At age 17, I started getting really horrible stomach aches every single day, this was 5 years ago and I've been dealing with stomach aches everyday ever since.

My periods are unbearable, I've had to go to the ER plenty of times because of them. I always have a constant "bad feeling" in my stomach. Sometimes I'm unable to eat. They said I am stage II endometriosis.

I had the laparoscopy in August of 2011, they said they burned a lot of it out but I am still experiencing horrible pain all throughout the month.

Of course, period time is the worst for me. I'm married and it's ruining that for me too because intercourse is extremely painful. They've also told me I'm gonna have trouble having kids. I have prayed for a miracle so many times. I wish they would just find a cure.

All you ladies out their suffering, I feel your pain - literally. We've gotta find a cure! We need to make it known how bad our conditions are.

No one understands how badly we suffer and many times, we suffer in silence. This is so unfair to those of us whose lives have been changed by this disgusting disease.

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