Diagnosed stage 4 endometriosis

by Kelly

Kelly has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis and feeling very distressed, which is understandable.

Where do I start?, I am 37 and have never had any pain to speak of, but have always suffered with extreme fatigue. I could sleep on a clothes line!!!.....

This year, back in July my periods (out of the blue) became extremely heavy and long, at one point I had to contact the out if hours hospital as I had gone through at least 100 sanitary towels in 8 days! and because of this I was referred for an internal scan.

The scan showed what they thought was a cyst on my ovary, I was told that I would need a laparoscopy to remove the cyst.

My parents offered to pay for me to go private as the NHS waiting list was over 3 months and owing to my heavy periods they wanted to get me an appointment ASAP.

I had my laparoscopy in July 2012, the laparoscopy itself went well, but on waking I was told that the consultant had found not only a cyst, but severe stage 4 endometriosis. I hadn't a clue what this was so did my research.

My bowel, uterus, rectum, Pouch of Douglas, bladder, left ovary and tubes were ALL stuck together. The consultant couldn't understand how I wasn't in agony!

I have just had my second laparoscopy on 10 December where my consultant managed to remove 90 % of the endometriosis. Once my period returns (I have been on injections for the past 6 months to put me in a temporary menopause to stop the endometriosis growing), I can try again for a family.

My husband and I have suffered 3 miscarriages so are hopeful that this recent operation will have worked.

I urge anyone that feels that "something just isn't right" to get it checked out. I have probably had endometriosis since I was a teenager with no symptoms, so if you have any problems with heavy periods or fatigue get it checked out!

Sorry to have rambled, but this has all been a shock for me so just needed to share my experience!

I'm hoping that the more we speak out about this awful disease the more we will begin to understand what we can do to cope with it!!

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