Diagnosed fibroids not endometriosis - I wonder!

by Faithful One
(New York)

I am over 50 years old, a woman who has never been pregnant now going through menopause. I have always had super heavy periods and clots. Had some things earlier in teen years I chalked up as growing pains. I once had chocolate cyst. I have had over the past few years once in a blue moon severe pain when urinating like someone took a butcher knife and stabbed me straight through.

I suffer with bloating, sometimes I can look 6 months pregnant, it would get bad. I've had the feeling of not wanting anything to touch my stomach for the slightest wind was irritating and painful. I also suffer with insomnia so I figured that's why I'm tired all the time!

I just woke up 2 days ago with major lower back pain and lower abdomen pain which is in surrounding pelvic area. I am not clear where it is stemming from. Today I could barely walk, and if I breathed in wrong the shooting pain in my abdomen and back! Whoa!

I turned to see if car was coming and that nearly crippled me the pain was horrid. I felt like a barbie doll that you could twist the body and bottom half (but with legs) separates from top torso. I feel like there's a twisting and the pain is excruciating.

I pulled up lower back pain and decided to check out Endometriosis because it was listed and I have an older sister that has it. Thinking maybe my fibroid's is not the proper diagnosis.

I will be making an appointment but felt like I was going crazy thinking only me, but after reading your stories you have helped me to see I need to further investigate and get the right diagnosis so I can get the right treatment!

Thanks for sharing and my Prayers are with you all.

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