Cramps and Bleeding-Scheduling my 2nd Laparoscopy

by Breanna C.
(Los Angeles )

This all started when I turned 14 (when my period first started-late bloomer). I always had horrible cramps, vomiting, nausea. But the pain didn't start to interfere with my life until I turned 16.

I would have a period every two weeks and the worst cramping (frequent ER visitor-as I thought I was dying). Each and every time I went to the ER they would give me medication for the pain and nausea (Zofran-which I still take now).

My GP finally referred me to a GYNO after consistently telling me in was GI issues. In Oct 2014 I received my first laparoscopy where my GYNO then found the endometriosis (behind my uterus, ovaries -primarily the left side, and in my pelvic wall). All confirming what it was all along.

Mind you before this time I was given birth control, which helped to regulate my period but did not help with the nausea or cramping much.

After the surgery I was then told to take the birth control actively with no placebo pills. It worked for all of 2015 but in 2016 and currently it has gone back to how it was pre-surgery.

In the past year I have had a lot of bowel issues now (blood in stool), my GP sent me to a GI doctor and we scheduled a colonoscopy (came back completely clear-FRUSTRATING).

This was very frustrating because I was more than sure that it was actually the GI problems. So now I am waiting to schedule my laparoscopy surgery in the hopes the endometriosis is removed and I am alleviated from the pain. Have any of you had similar situations?

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