Chronic pain everyday.

by Kait
(Pensacola, Florida, United States )

I have had symptoms since I started my period when I was 12. Symptoms have increased with age and I have had 2 laparoscopic surgeries to remove it.

Main symptoms are:

- constant headaches and migraines
- jaw and gum pain
- hiccups almost everyday
- mouth ulcers
- neck pain
- shoulder pain
- chest pains stabbing under boob on side of boob, feels like reflux
- hurts to deep breathe
- extreme bloating
- stabbing behind bellybutton
- ovary pain both sides but mainly the left side
- cramping without period
- right arm numbness and pain (stabbing)
- stabbing up anus, throbbing/ pressure in anus
- stabbing in vagina
- shooting pain down thighs, inner groin
- nausea
- vomiting 15+ hours at a time
- painful intercourse during and after

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