Affects of Endometriosis

by Liza
(White Plains, NY USA)

Endometriosis has made Liza more assertive ....

Endometriosis has most definitely affected every aspect of my life. Emotions, relationships, work, social, trust, faith, really, everything.
But, I believe we all know the negative.

There is a positive aspect from dealing with endometriosis. That is, I have learned to be more assertive; which in turn has helped me push my way forward in general life aspects; work, school and relationships.

I express myself when I am disappointed, and no longer wait for someone to ask me what's wrong. I ask questions when I don't understand, without feeling shame or embarrassment.

I would have never became this way, without me going through the pain and symptoms of endometriosis; my frustration with Dr.s, to disappointments in treatment and surgeries. It has made me learn to help myself, and push forward; no looking back!

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