Acupuncture helped endometriosis

by Kelly
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

A happy story of pregnancy despite endometriosis.

I was 38 years old and finally met the Man of my dreams!

Previously, I had been through every test & then yet another test by Medical Doctors. I was experiencing some back pain from my work & was told of an Acupuncturist that could help with the pain.

I did go and see him and told him also of my Endometriosis pain. He treated me for my back pain & the intense pelvic pain.

After about 3 treatments, he told me my heart beat was one of a woman carrying a baby! I said, "What!"

I couldn't believe my ear's! So I went to a clinic and it was confirmed! I was newly engaged, and to be married in the coming Summer, however we moved up the date to the Spring because I was already 8 weeks Pregnant!

I was on top of the world, I thought I would never have any babies. I would recommend Acupuncture as a alternative treatment for Endometriosis any day!

My Beautiful Daughter is now 12 & we are enjoying her so very much! (Don't give up!)

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