A true tale of getting pregnant with endometriosis

by April
(Seven Springs NC)

Well I am 21 and I have 2 kids so when I missed my period I took some test and some come up positive and some negative.

So I went to the DR and they tell me the test was negative, so they kept looking and found out I have endometriosis, and told me that's why I was going through what I was and that I couldn't get pregnant.

So they did the surgery and 3 weeks later I find out not only did I have endometriosis, some they removed and some they couldn't.

I was also 9 weeks pregnant. so when they say you can't get pregnant with endometriosis, don't believe it.


Name: Anonymous

Title: Surgery and being pregnant

I am very pleased for you to have fallen pregnant, despite the Endometriosis. I have had Endometriosis for nearly 30 years. I tried many times to fall pregnant, knowing full well I had the disease; sadly I was never able to have children.

I have had Endometriosis surgery 4 times over the years and I know they give you a D&C while you're under Anaesthetic, so how could you have been 9 weeks pregnant. Wouldn't the D&C have aborted the 'unknown' pregnancy??? I am very interested to know. Thank you.

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