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Endometriosis - why is no-one listening
August 30, 2020
Hi Warriors

A look at why endometriosis needs constant awareness

Endometriosis awareness is increasing however the severe symptoms suffered by millions of women are often not taken seriously. Why is women’s health and pelvic pain being dismissed? Why is no-one really listening?

Millions of women around the world today who suffer endometriosis are simply NOT taken seriously when they try to express the pain, the lethargy, the tiredness, the bowel problems, eating problems, flu symptoms, and all the myriad of other strange or distressing symptoms!!! Not by their doctor, and often not by their family or their friends.

Why is this affliction not recognized by the medical profession for what it is - a serious disabling disease? Why are women being dismissed as neurotic, when some of them end up in the emergency department of their local hospital month after month? Why is it many insurance companies in the US do not recognize the disabling nature of this disease?

Why is it I get messages from many women who are deeply frightened and feel so alone that they do not know which way to turn? Why are they not getting the support they desperately need!

There is a lengthy article about this issue which includes extracts from a newsletter by Nancy Peterson RN the endometriosis advocate, looking at why this problem really needs to change.

Read the full article here:

endo awareness article

And while we are on this topic, this timely article from Amanda at looks at ways to improve self-advocacy for those with endometriosis, and she says ‘don’t be afraid to fire your doctor’

Read the article here:

Endometriosis advocacy article

Until next time, and I hope you are all staying safe

with healing thoughts


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