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End of Endo, Natural Pain Relief
September 28, 2003

Welcome to End of Endo - your monthly newsletter to help you on your path to recovery from Endometriosis.

For this months issue I have focused on a particular food supplement which will help you with the pain symptoms of Endometriosis. This same supplement can also help you deal with other symptoms of Endometriosis and will generally improve your health.

Why am I focusing on pain!

Because this can be one of the worst symptoms of Endometiosis. For nearly every woman who has this disease, the biggest nightmare will no doubt be the pain. This pain can be constant, it can be cyclical and only occur during your periods, or it can be totally random. You will probably be trying a combination of things to try and relieve your pain. This could include:

  • the use of painkillers, with the most commonly used being nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • hot water bottles on the abdomen or a heated pad
  • using supplements which help reduce inflammation like Evening Primrose Oil
  • trying to stop pain developing so much in the first place by changes in your diet
  • some of you may even resort to alcohol to numb your senses during times of acute pain

Pain is totally distracting, it can be overwhelming, and it can take over your life.

There are many alternatives that can help.

If you have not read the information on my site about pain management please read further here

If you are relying on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help reduce your pain, you are risking your health in a number of ways. About 10 people a day die of gastrointestinal complications due to these drugs. Millions of arthritis sufferers use these drugs to relieve pain every day.

NSAIDs relieve pain by blocking enzymes that cause inflammation. However, since these enzymes also help build cartilage, NSAIDs accelerate joint degeneration over time. On top of that, many of the drug treatments used for Endometriosis also have a negative effect on the skeleton, with some drugs causing serious bone loss. Most well known of these is the drug Lupron.

So what else can you do to relieve your constant or debilitating pain?

I have recently discovered the supplement called MSM - Methyl Sulphonyl Methane to give it its full name. The common name for this compound is Sulphur.

MSM can help relieve pain in a variety of ways. It blocks pain messages that travel to the brain along nonmyelinated nerve fibers called C fibers. This results in relief of the deep aching pain that is characteristic of chronic conditions like Endometriosis.

But MSM alleviates pain in other ways as well. It reduces the swelling and heat associated with inflammation, which in turn, relieves pressure on surrounding nerves and other tissues. It also relieves muscle spasm.

MSM goes beyond mere pain relief to actually support healing of injured tissues by increasing blood flow. It also alters the cross-linkages of collagen, reducing scar tissue to promote range of motion and flexibility.

So what is MSM

MSM is a sulphur containing compound that is present in the atmosphere, in plants, in animals and - as was discovered only 40 years ago - is present in the human body. It is stored in every cell of our bodies. According to Stanley Jacobs MD, the co-discoverer of MSM and the first physician to use this natural substance in the treatment of patients, MSM offers a natural way to reduce pain and inflammation without the serious side-effects associated with drug treatment.

Why use it ?

We are supposed to get this compound into our systems from our food, but even washing food can remove the MSM; processing food certainly will. Sulphur surprisingly is the third most abundant substance in our bodies, but not many of us will be aware of that fact. I did not know of the importance of Sulphur until I started finding out about it.

If we do not feed ourselves enough Sulphur there will be consequences and Sulphur deficiencies have been associated with arthritis, acne, depression and memory loss as well as slow wound healing, brittle nails and hair, gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory problems, scar tissue, and immune dysfunction.

So you can see that the overall benefits of Sulphur in our system are exceedingly important.

What is it for?

The body uses Sulphur continuously to create new cells - without it the body will produce weak and dysfunctional cells. The implications of a Sulphur deficiency for women with Endometriosis is that scar tissue in the abdomen caused by endometrial growths and adhesions will be harder and more inflamed.

What does Sulphur do?

Sulphur will make everything soft. It can soften your eyeballs making them easier for your eye muscles to focus and thus reduce presmyopia; it can soften your digestive system making it impossible for parasites to get a grip; this will also improve your digestion to help deal with constipation; it can soften your glands returning them to optimal functioning; it is a component of insulin and is thus vital for energy production; it can soften your brain and make it difficult for heavy metals to get a grip (which could lead to Alzheimers); it can soften your muscles and ease muscular discomfort and tension - this will help with the problem of menstrual muscular cramps.

Within 4 to 5 days of taking MSM it will soften your skin noticeably. I can testify to this, because my own skin became much softer soon after taking MSM. I also noticed that the scars from my Laparoscopy operations became softer and less visible. These were outward signs that something was working, which gave me confidence that the MSM would be helping my body internally as well. Also, I do not get as many aches and pains after exercise or strenuous work in the garden, and I do feel generally much more supple.

MSM to help with Endometriosis

I did not use MSM when I had Endometriosis, because I did not know about it. Had I done, I definitely would have included it in my daily supplement regime. As Sulphur has the action of making everything soft, then it will stop so much hard scar tissue developing, it can reduce inflammation and as mentioned earlier, it stops some of the pain messages getting to the brain. All these benefits when added together will actually reduce the different forms of pain that are caused by Endometriosis.

The additional health benefits of MSM for women with Endometriosis are exceedingly valuable as well - improving the function of your glands, which will improve the balance of your hormones, reducing muscular cramps, reducing scar tissue, and I am sure there are endless other benefits.

How to use it

MSM is available as a powder, capsules, lotion and is available from some outlets as eye and ear drops. I personally use the powder form as it seems to be cheaper that way.

Ideally you need to take about 1/8 teaspoon per day. I mix my MSM powder with fresh orange juice and take it first thing in the morning. It does taste a little bit metallic, but nothing too awful. It is a really good start to the day.

Tip - because MSM makes everything softer, and helps to keep your whole system working smoothly, and helps to flush things out of your system, it is also good for 2 other functions -

1 If you have a hang-over from too much drink the night before - take a triple dose of MSM and that will flush the excess alcohol out of your system and get you on your feet again

2 If you are doing a diet detox - include MSM in your daily routing to help with the flushing process

Where to buy it

There are many, many outlets on the internet that sell health products. This is probably your best option, as business overheads are kept low by selling goods on the internet (no retail premises to run) so products tend to be cheaper. For those of you who are a bit put off of buying goods on the internet - don’t be. The internet has come a long way in the last few years. The security of financial transactions over the internet are now tightly controlled.

To make your purchase even cheaper, it is best to buy the larger containers if you can get them. I cannot quote prices for you as it depends which country you live in, shipping costs etc. But as a ‘rule of thumb’, I purchase a 300g tub of MSM powder for £30 including delivery costs. This is approximately $48 US. This will last me approximately 3 months.

Order some as soon as possible and give it a try. You may be surprised by the speed of the results - I was.

Yours with healing thoughts

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