7 years finally diagnosed with endometriosis

by Spotter
(Sydney, Australia)

8 years ago, During 2005 I started spotting about a week before my period. This scared me as I had a friend who had recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I obviously thought my spotting was something very sinister. I spoke to my mum about it who told me she had similar issues when she was younger and it never interfered with her having kids etc.

I decided to get it checked out anyway and went to the doctors for advice, followed by gyn appointment who advised there was nothing wrong and the lazy explanation 'some women spot'.

I reluctantly accepted the diagnosis and got on with life. Changed to different pills etc but nothing ever stopped my spotting. Fast forward 7 years, married and trying to start my family unsuccessfully for a year. More tests, nothing found. Idiopathic infertility.

Frustrated and desperate for a family we tried ivf twice. BFN both times and no explanation other than 'maybe egg quality'. Try again?

My husband and I changed ivf clinics and as a general work up I had a hycosy. The most single painful experience of my life. The best part was they finally found something!!! A chocolate cyst, suspected endometrioma on my right ovary!! Finally a reason for my spotting and maybe a reason for my unexplained infertility.

Overjoyed but frustrated at the incompetent medical system. Don't ever take unexplained as a diagnosis and don't let anyone tell you bleeding for 2 weeks of the month is normal. Fingers crossed for the future, hopefully light at the end of the tunnel!

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