Still free of endometriosis after hysterectomy

by Rachel
(Gloucester UK)

I was told after a laproscopy that I was a stage 4 endometriosis sufferer. The extent of the disease was very wide spread and complicated, due to totally obscuring the ovaries, and the endometriosis was wrapped around all my internal organs.

I was told the definative treatment was to have a TAH with ovaries and tubes removed. Because of the complexity I would have to have it performed by an incision from tummy button to pubis - it actually went lower than the previous caesarian scar at the bikini line.

I started to experience hot flashes the very next day - but at the time I thought that as it was June I was just a little warm. I also started suffering from Insomnia.

I had heard about HRT affecting endometriosis and decided to review after a year - I went to a doctor after experiencing blood loss! after sex dreading what had happened!

I had just dryness, so I started using Vagifem. As half a tube of KY didnt really do much I would still be dry. My sex life is appalling - I have had two encounters all of last year - I dont know how my husband puts up with it. The libido has vanished into thin air.

So a few weeks ago I went back and asked if there is something else I could have... so I shall be trying Tibolone in a few months. That is after I have had a ganglion removed from my ankle. Again I was told this is the definitive treatment.

I have had this ganglion for over 5 yearss and ignored it due to the other problems I was experiencing. It was trival at the time - I told the doctor about the lump on my ankle at the same time I showed him tissue with mucus and blood after a bowel movement. (No I was not on a period at that time) Only to go through all the endoscope and colonoscope checks - because the result was positve for anti-ttg -which is a blood test for Coeliac Disease.

I have gained weight - I am always on a diet - it seems. I am trying to walk more etc etc and hope after the op for my ankle things will improve and even more so after I start a different HRT and regain my sex life. I am 47 now.

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