Laparoscopy with ablation

by Anonymous

Laparoscopy then pregnancy was best treatment for my endometriosis.

I was on the pill for 9 years solid. Infertility when I stopped - after home interventions (charting etc.) were unsuccessful & we were well past the year mark, I cried to my mother/aunt one day.

They both asked if I was having really heavy periods & mid-month pain since going off the pills. "Yes, why ...?" They both had hysterectomies in their 30s for severe endometriosis.

I called my GYN the next morning, had a laparoscopy with ablation to treat endometriosis a week later, had Stage II diagnosed/treated, was pregnant 6 weeks later.

Pregnancy/nursing kept it at bay for another four years (two kids), and I went right back to no-break pills.

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