Endometriosis ruined life

by Annemarie
(Scotland )

I was suffering from severe cramps to the point of passing out and waking up in hospital not knowing what was wrong. This happened for 3 years solid.

They kept sending me home. After complaining to my GP several times he pushed for a laparoscopy and it was discovered I had endometriosis and my ovaries were covered in cysts and was told I would never have a baby.

Before my surgery they did a routine pregnancy test and I was 9 weeks pregnant. I was told pregnancy could sort the problem but it did not help.

After 9 months they told me the cysts had to be removed. The symptom of pain I had was unbelievable. I thought I was going crazy when they kept sending me home like I was wasting their time.

I was told to keep taking my pill back to back so I don't get a period at all. But the symptoms came back and when I was admitted to hospital the doctor wouldn't listen. I told him it was the same pain and he said no it was not. I had an operation and they took out my appendix and sent me home.

There was nothing wrong with my appendix at all so I had surgery for no reason. Great use of the NHS money for nothing. And the decision was made by the top surgeon. I only had a section a few months prior. Appendicitis was just a lazy man's solution to nothing as I'm still in pain.

Now I'm getting severe cramps constantly and I feel it's pointless going back to my GP as all I get is strong pain killers.

Anybody with a baby will know its a mad age, your up and down every two minutes, running around. Its hard enough and to have endometriosis as well - its a joke.. No faith in doctors or hospitals at all :(

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